CBC T&C'S 2021/22

At CBC we endeavour to ensure the information contained on our website is accurate, however, some errors and omissions may occur. . If you have any queries with regard to any information on our website, please contact us at custombuiltclassics@gmail.com.  This does not affect your statutory rights.

T&C's are updated on a regular basis and it is the user's responsibility to ensure understanding and agreement with company policies. CBC assumes that customers have read and accept T&Cs as per the website. 


This document provides the customer with some information on the restoration process / policies at Custom Built Classics, further referred to as ‘CBC’. The restoration of any vehicle is a time consuming, specialist and evolutionary process, often the culmination of years of planning and the realisation of a dream. CBC works closely with our customers to ensure quality, transparency and accountability, and that the process be enjoyable and satisfying for all concerned ! 


Thank you for choosing CUSTOM BUILT CLASSICS to complete your restoration.

1.  CBC restoration projects are quoted for, and ‘price agreed’ in advance, following discussion and agreement with the customer regarding the restoration vehicle specifications. This price is guaranteed and there are no added or hidden costs. As the process is dynamic, any upgrades subsequently requested by the customer are quoted for in addition and added to the total cost. The  ‘standard’ base vehicle is generally LHD / non disc brakes / non power steering / automatic ( much preferred and preferable to the manual ). Upgrade price list is available on request. All specifications are agreed and documented in advance.

2.   Upon execution of the agreement / before a customer restoration commences, CBC will require a deposit and subsequent payment schedule as arranged or otherwise as follows :

* 2.1) a ‘build start deposit’ of £4995 plus the cost of required upgrades OR £9995 (whichever is the greater amount) should CBC be in a position to commence the restoration immediately, OR

  • 2.2) a ‘schedule deposit or build slot holding deposit’ of £2495 fixed which guarantees a build slot / start date and allocates a base car for the restoration, followed by a ‘build start’ deposit in amount of £4995 plus the cost of required upgrades OR £9995 (whichever is the greater amount). This is payable on commencement date of the restoration build. CBC provides emailed information on the base car allocated to the build and receipts for all monies received.

  • 2.3) then two ‘mid build payments’ of £9995 upon completion of painting of the bare base car / coinciding with commencement of suspension / exterior / interior assembly and engine / transmission installation - usually 8/10 weeks into the build. A further mid build payment of £4995 becomes due on completion of suspension/ interior and first fire up of the installed engine - usually 12 weeks into the build. 

  • 2.4) a ‘final payment’ of the balance upon completion of the build and after registration / road installation. Should handover / transport to the new owner be delayed by circumstances not of CBC’s making, the final payment shall be paid and the vehicle thereafter securely stored in the insured CBC premises until such handover takes place, without the owner incurring storage or other costs.

3.   CBC supplies a projected ‘build completion date’, usually four to six months post commencement of the restoration, but requests an additional period in event this be required. Classic car restorations are dynamic / individual processes and we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a quality end product. NB All work is completed in house by our expert who works alone, with minimal use of preferred external specialist companies, creating a custom / hand built piece of functioning automotive art that our customers can enjoy for years to come.

CBC build cars undergo a two hundred mile pre handover test phase covering operation of engine / drivetrain / transmission / systems in situations that the new owner may encounter when driving responsibly. Issues arising are logged, addressed and retested, with new owners provided feedback.

CBC new builds then undergo a full MOT ( even though this is not a DVLA requirement of classic car ownership )

CBC can also complete registration of the vehicle in the customer’s name if required and facilitate any new vehicle inspection required by the DVLA for a nominal fee.

It is hoped that adverse issues will arise during the test phase, however this can never be guaranteed.

CBC new owners are provided an email on handover highlighting specific issues of a particular project vehicle and it is assumed that they familiarise themselves fully with the cars operating systems before commencing the running in phase post handover. Classic cars are more difficult to drive and it is therefore further assumed that the owner shall be solely responsible to the operate the vehicle during this initial familiarisation / running in phase.

New installations such as engines require running in and responsible / careful driving ( rpm not exceeding 3000 ) for a total of 500 miles and transmissions / drivetrain a bedding in period depending on the type / manufacture of  the particular system

We suggest a followup visit one month post handover to address the many minor issues that inevitably arise with classic cars once back in commission.

CBC full restoration vehicles are supplied with an ‘above industry standard’ full MOT and three month conditional major mechanical warranty.

CBC reserves the right to assess any issues arising on an individual basis and decide on the remedy depending on specific circumstances.

4.   Should the customer, initially satisfy themselves that CBC would provide a vehicle of a satisfactorily quality, they will advise CBC of their wish to proceed and may pay the ‘build slot holding deposit’ ( or alternative agreed arrangement ) at this stage, if any delay in a personal visit to CBC premises is expected, to avoid disappointment of the potential build slot being allocated to another project. The build slot is confirmed, booked and a specific base vehicle is appropriated to the build. This may be either : pre or post the customer visiting the CBC facility / the customer contacting previous and existing customers regarding CBC workmanship / the customer viewing prior examples of CBC restoration projects by arrangement.  In the event of the customer changing their opinion following a discussion / visitation in person, and within two months of paying the ‘build slot holding deposit’, CBC shall refund this deposit in full without further obligation by either party.


5.   The customer will receive regular update emails / correspondence from CBC documenting progress on their restoration project. The customers’ input helps CBC to produce the vehicle of their vision and we encourage input / visitation at any time during during the restoration process, although understand that a number of our customers prefer the end product ‘reveal’ and have minimal involvement during the build.


6.   CBC, if supplying the base vehicle for restoration, guarantees the ownership title, VIN details and payment of all relevant duty and VAT. 

The customer, if supplying the base vehicle, assures CBC that the vehicle is titled in their name as the owner. Proof of ownership may be required. CBC will not be responsible for faulty, altered or removed VIN

tags. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify VIN details before submitting a vehicle for restoration. CBC will not alter, add or modify VIN tags.


7.   CBC provides a restored classic vehicle that is both aesthetically and mechanically sound, as well as being ‘period correct’, retaining original patina where at all possible, for example, chrome fittings / trims and glass, which are reconditioned, re installed and have minor acceptable imperfections. CBC strives to produce a restored car that is as original as it could be. Please note that the restoration does not include a functioning period radio. Modern sound system equivalents with aux inputs are available for installation by arrangement.

8.   Any parts for a given restoration, either new or reconditioned, that are not supplied by CBC will not be warranted by CBC. All parts warranties are those provided by the manufacturer only. We discourage the use of customer supplied used parts in a build, but understand that due to the rarity of these vehicles / parts available, this is sometimes necessary. 


9.   Insurance on the vehicle while in possession of CBC is the responsibility of CBC, with insured values updated regularly to reflect progression of the restoration process. The vehicle shall be insured by us for the full restored value prior to road testing by CBC.

10.   The customer is required to supply their own insurance to cover the market value of the vehicle for DVLA registration / once formal handover is completed, and required to provide evidence of insurance for the any test drive of the vehicle before this time. CBC will provide the relevant information / valuation in this regard.


11.  CBC is not responsible for personal items left in a vehicle supplied for restoration.


12.  The customer shall not at any time remove the vehicle until payment of all outstanding invoices have been made. 

13.   In the event the customer puts the project on hold more than thirty days without prior agreement, a secure storage fee of £100 per month will be charged for every month on hold, until the project resumes. The vehicle remains fully insured by CBC at the updated valuation during this ‘hold’ period, while in our covered / secure storage facility.


14.  The customer gives CBC permission to use the information / photo material ( no personal details ) of the restoration on their website and in promotional material, as well as act a reference for future customers by further agreement.


15.   CBC will only take instructions from  from the vehicle owner / primary customer as per the agreement document.



Please note that CBC FULL REBUILDS / ROTISSERIE RESTORATIONS such as our John Wick and Bullitt movie car evocations, take on average four to six months, and are entirely different from the PREPARATION projects below and are identified as such. FULL REBUILDS / ROTISSERIE RESTORATIONS are covered by an extended warranty period - details of which are available on request

Many of our vehicles are sourced in the USA or UK and passed on to fellow enthusiasts after CBC assessment and preparatory works but not full restoration.

The following explanatory information relates to these preparation projects ONLY.


These projects involve assessment, repair and recommissioning of a classic vehicle’s mechanicals, interior and coachwork, to provide for rapid resale a ‘sound driving car’ with good aesthetics and that maintains originality and period patina. CBC relies to a certain extent on the history accompanying a car undergoing preparation. These projects are completed at the CBC facility using the cars original parts and typically take from days to weeks.

Our PARTIAL RESTORATION / PREPARATION projects are not FULL REBUILDS / ROTISSERIE RESTORATIONS and there may be occasions when they have reliability / wear and tear issues which CBC could not have reasonably foreseen. These are classic motor vehicles over 50 years old, which will inevitably show signs of general deterioration commensurate with previous use and even though we are thorough in our preparation, occasionally issues will arise. The above being said, its all part of the experience and nostalgia, and CBC does everything to ensure their iconic cars are as sound as possible. 


As a result our PARTIAL / PREPARATION RESTORATION cars carry a one month ‘return-to-base’ mechanical reassurance warranty on major mechanical issues, which is more than many classic car companies offer.


All CBC vehicles are either locally sourced or have been imported with no VAT, duty, shipping fees to be paid – this has all been done by us. We never tire of advising on the various models, performance, manufacture and available background history of the great cars CBC has on offer


CBC encourages ANY inspection of the vehicle you are considering by yourselves, your mechanic or an independent inspector - including but not limited to, a test drive, top side inspection, interior inspection, underside inspection, body integrity inspection, full mechanical inspection. It is a client’s responsibility to check the vehicle, prior to purchase, ensure that it is suitable for their needs and meets expectations.

CBC addresses all issues raised after a client’s inspection of the vehicle and both parties agree that this may affect the final agreed sale price. 


CBC cannot reasonably be responsible for any issues that were not raised during the pre-purchase inspection. 


By proceeding with the purchase you confirm to us (and we rely on this) that you have examined the vehicle and taken into account its overall condition, that the vehicle is as advertised and that issues raised during the pre sales have been addressed. You further agree to accept the vehicle in its present condition and further acknowledge by doing so your ability to bring a claim against us afterwards relating to problems with the performance of the motor vehicle, taking the factors of classic car ownership into consideration, is limited as a result.


Owning a classic car is enjoyable and a sensible investment, however with cars of this age it is in their nature that things sometimes will go wrong. Its all part of the experience and nostalgia! Even in the best prepared vintage cars an issue, large or small, can occur soon after an owner has been handed the keys and although CBC wants you to be happy with your vehicle after purchase, we cannot know nor be responsible for occasional issues that occur after handover.


Of course if you have issues we will do our best to either give you help over the phone or email or if some handiwork is needed and the car can be brought back to the shop we will do our best to help out with an issue but their is no warranty with the classics we sell and we are not under any obligation to pay for or assist with any issue you may have.



Once you have purchased your CBC prepared classic car, it will receive a service and MOT. Although we are not able to cover with a formal warranty for the reasons above, we do offer for piece of mind and within the purchase price (unless clearly otherwise stated), a thirty day ‘return-to-base’ mechanical reassurance arrangement. This after sales period is time not mileage dependant and is subject to the following exceptions - normal wear and tear / deliberate damage / accidental damage / failure to use the motor vehicle in accordance with instruction  or reasonable expectation / the use, alteration or repair of by the client or any third party that is not authorised or advised by CBC / irresponsible misuse of the motor vehicle / the use of the motor vehicle in competitive events. 


This thirty day ‘return-to-base’ mechanical reassurance period is not based on an insurance product, but is an arrangement directly between CBC and the client purely for ‘reasonable peace of mind’ *** This is an additional CBC reassurance not found in the vast majority of American muscle car resellers.


*** CBC shall require the vehicle returned at owners expense to our registered premises or discuss the issue with CBC re engaging a local specialist business to carry out a repair. Agreement must be received from CBC prior to instructing an outside repairer. Should this occur either without our documented agreement OR beyond the thirty day after sales period then CBC shall not be held responsible for any costs arising. CBC in addition reserves the right to refuse a written quotation should it be deemed excessive for the intended work.

The expense of addressing the unforeseen issue arising within the first thirty days of ownership may in fact be shared by us and the client post discussion and depending on individual circumstances.. No guarantee can be given beyond the specified time period. The ‘reassurance agreement covers mechanical failure only and not wear and tear or to make new. Specifically covered are mechanical failures on the engine, steering, brake system, suspension, gearbox, drive shafts - and does not cover bodywork, wiring loom, air conditioning (if fitted), seating and upholstery, glass, electrical components and instrument gauges, sound systems, tyres, exhaust systems (inc catalytic converters if fitted) brake pads, all fluids and consumables. We will not compensate for loss of vehicle being unavailable for use. CBC will furthermore not cover damage incurred as a direct result of irresponsible or negligent use.  

CBC clients are also reasonably advised to purchase a third party warranty package from an insurer who specialises in classic car coverage. Classic car sellers and owners in general and in addition to the aforementioned insurance, consider it absolutely essential to take out breakdown cover in the event of an unforeseen issue as classic cars can not be expected to be as reliable as their modern equivalents.


Classic car dealers in general want all buyers to be happy with their vehicles, however due to the partial or unknown history of these cars before ownership, they do not usually offer a warranty on any vehicle.

Classic cars are also more temperamental, can not be expected to operate as today’s modern vehicles do and owners are advised that this is part of the experience and pleasure of living with these great cars

Classic cars post restoration, due to the use of aftermarket patent metal parts such doors / screens etc and the inevitable altered glass aperture shape of a classic car, any aftermarket screen trims and weather seals newly fitted can never ensure that these cars are completely weatherproof / watertight. CBC therefore assumes that the vehicle will be garaged and driven in appropriate weather conditions.

Classic car engines / transmissions and ancillaries have a tendency to leak and small amounts of fluid are normal and expected. Owners are advised of this expectation as a classic car owner and to monitor and ensure all levels are topped up prior to operation.


Classic cars are machines to cherish and enjoy with every journey a celebration. It is important to understand that by nature of their age, classic cars will always have certain characteristics which relate to their age, design and engineering. One should expect a completely different experience when compared to driving modern cars including less efficient heaters / inferior ride quality, / inaccurate or dysfunctional fuel or other gauges / poor brakes and steering / transmission noise / minor fluid leaks / wind noise / water intrusion during rain showers / and there may be occasions when they will not start or will misfire. Its all part of the great pleasure of owning and enjoying these iconic classic cars.


You may be required to replace parts / incur repair expenses at some stage in the future or simply wish to upgrade an item on your classic vehicle. We are more than happy to advise in this regard or undertake the works after agreement on costs.




Should a client have any queries regarding our company policy or T&Cs please feel free to contact us.

This agreement does not affect your consumer rights.