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The Alpine A110 is a true enthusiast’s car - just as competent and exciting whether on road, track or rally stage.


With Alpine name back in the limelight with the new mid-engined sportscar - people are starting to really take notice of how much fun the original A110 can be.


Jean Rédélé founded Alpine and began his motor racing career building heavily modified and lightened Renaults. The A106 was his first bespoke offering, with rugged Renault 4CV running gear in a lightweight glassfibre body. An upgrade to Dauphine-power produced the A108, with Alpine starting to pick up awards in important competition events.


The famous A110 stuck with the same formula, initially using Renault 8 running gear to make for a buzzy, agile and thrilling car to drive - famously taking 1-2-3 finishes on the Monte Carlo rally in 1971 & ’73 !






  • Many assume the 1600 plus engines are best - but as a driver’s car the 1440cc 8 Gordini engine is sublime - the combination of circa140bhp and a more free-revving nature makes it extremely sweet to drive.


    Performance and specifications

    Alpine A110 1400 Rallye

    Engine 1400 cc 8-valve, in-line four-cylinder, OHV

    Power 138bhp @ 6000rpm 

    Torque 107lb ft @ 5000rpm

    Top speed 134mph 

    0-60mph 7.1seconds 

    Gearbox Four/five-speed manual

    Wheelbase 2100mm

    Length 3850mm

    Width 1520mm

    Height 1130mm

    Kerb weight 635kg


    If you’re looking for a gauranteed entry to classic events then this is the wise purchase - and values of good original cars are increasing. The Alpine is great fun on the historic motorsport circuit - most historic rallies and events accepting this French pocket rocket. 


    Today the A110 is increasingly difficult to buy due to a very limited supply. Specialist Chris Rabbets explains: ‘France and Germany are still the best places to find Alpines, but I’ve got customers who’ve been waiting up to four years for the right car.


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